with larry's 1-2-3 step easy set-up system, you can rest

while larry is keeping an eye on your stuff

larry alert system technology overview

  1. larry is directly paired with your smartphone via WiFi when you join LarryAlert network on your WiFi network list at settings
  2. larry generates a protective shield around your stuff using special radar movement sensing technology
  3. larry’s sensor can be set for small, medium or large size areas
  4. larry can be used as microphone for one way communication
  5. larry app works as your remote control for easy set-up and one button alarm activation
  1. larry features a wide-angle camera and flash to capture photos
  2. larry features a voice speaker to talk through
  3. larry features a shrieking siren in alarm deterrence mode
  4. the wireless connection is continually seeking larry so your app tells you when you leave the 150′ range
  5. if you must leave wireless range, then larry will save a triggered alarm with date/time stamped photos and automatically alert you when you re-enter range

larry’s System Design Overview

On-The-Go Smart Security Alert

smartphone receives

• Battery Status/Low Battery Indicator
• Sensor status – Armed/Disarmed
• Communication status – Out of range or OK
• Motion Alarm – Message App Alert
• Image Capture – 15 images (5 seconds)

device functions

• LED status lights
• On/Off switch
• Flash memory for storage and updates
• USB port


larry’s sensor module

• X band
• 3D Fixed Protection Zone
• Power management

larry’s camera module

• VGA 640 x 480 px
• 30 fps
• Weather resistant
• Built-in flash
• 15 sequential photos taken over 5 second event

  • 3 Selectable Areas

    Select an area for larry to watch – Small (scooter), Medium (truck bed) or Large (campsite). larry uses ranged radar technology to prevent false alarms.

  • Long Range

    A portable security device connected to your smartphone via long range wireless technology

  • Built-in camera

    larry features a built-in camera with flash that, in case of an alert, takes photos and sends them over to your phone. You can also check on your belongings remotely taking photos of the area.

  • Siren and Speaker

    larry features a shrieking siren in alarm deterrence mode and a voice speaker to talk through

  • Google Play & App Store

    App available on Google Play & App Store for easy set-up, receiving alerts and creating photo history with your smartphone or tablet

  • Attach anywhere

    larry attaches using suction cup mount or secure Velcro strap tie-down

  • Battery

    Features a rechargeable lithium battery allowing 8 hours continuous use in alarm set mode and an indicator showing you the level of battery power and connectivity

  • Take it everywhere!

    Rugged weather resistant housing able to survive a host of environmental conditions


Approximate sizes for
larry to watch over:

small: 3 ft x 6 ft

medium: 6 ft x 9 ft

large: 15 ft x 20 ft