with larry's 1-2-3 step easy set-up system, you can rest

while larry is keeping an eye on your stuff

Quick Set-up Guide

  1. Download “larryalert” app to your smartphone
  2. Turn power on and make sure larry is charged (LED is either green or blue). If charging is necessary (LED is red) recharge larry device with the power switch in the off position.
  3. Select larryalert in the WiFi settings on your phone. The password is located on the larry’s side, on the panel covering SD, USB and On/OFF switch
  4. Open larry app and follow the on screen instructions to pair larry device with your smartphone and then return to the larry app
  5. Place larry facing the optimal location to watch your stuff
  6. Follow instruction in the larry app to choose your settings and arm the device. You’re ready to go!

For additional set-up instructions and tips please see the LarryAlert Video series in the Support section or on the LarryAlert Youtube channel

Larry Controls

located under the weather resistant rubber cover

  • SD Card slot and SD card to store captured photos, SD card is removable for computer viewing or replacement

  • Micro USB port to charge the device and to connect to website for additional support

  • LED Indicator:
    Green = Device operating and paired to the smartphone
    Blue = Device operating but not paired to phone
    Red = Battery Low (the app includes a battery level indicator)

  • On/Off switch to power the device

What you Get


Charging, USB and SD Card

Pairing Larry to Smartphone

Radar Motion Sensor

Operating Range

LarryAlert App

Firmware Upgrade



Plug in your LarryAlert to the USB port on your computer


Turn Larryalert on, then press the upgrade button below


A special file will be automatically downloaded and placed into your Download folder


Drag this file into the LarryAlert drive seen in your computer


Turn off LarryAlert and unplug it from your computer

The next time you turn your LarryAlert on, the updated program will be loaded automatically.

Note: update your App through the Play Store or App Store.