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Extended Range

Standard Range


Take it everywhere with you!


Your peace-of-mind travel companion


Your stuff is too expensive to leave unattended, too often you are ‘right there’ but your stuff is taken…

larry was created to go with you and watch your stuff while your back is turned.

  • 3 Selectable Areas

    Select an area for larry to watch – Small (scooter), Medium (truck bed) or Large (campsite). larry uses ranged radar technology to prevent false alarms.

  • Long Range to 150’ and 450’

    A portable security device paired to your smartphone via long range connected technology

  • Built-in camera

    larry features a built-in camera with flash that, in case of an alert, takes photos and sends them over to your phone. You can also check on your belongings remotely taking photos of the area.

  • Siren and Speaker

    larry features a shrieking siren in alarm deterrence mode and a voice speaker to talk through

  • Google Play & App Store

    App available on Google Play & App Store for easy set-up, receiving alerts and creating photo history with your smartphone or tablet

  • Attach anywhere

    larry attaches using suction cup mount or secure Velcro strap tie-down (Bar mount and Flex mount accessories available at extra cost)

  • Battery

    Features a rechargeable lithium battery allowing 8 hours continuous use in alarm set mode and an indicator showing you the level of battery power and connectivity

  • Take it everywhere!

    Rugged weather resistant housing able to survive a host of environmental conditions


smartphone displays

  • Battery Status/Low Battery Indicator

  • Sensor status – Armed/Disarmed

  • Communication status – Out of range or OK

  • Motion Alarm – Message App Alert

  • Image Capture – 15 images (5 seconds)

larry’s camera module

  • XGA 1024 x 768 resolution

  • 30 fps

  • Weather resistant

  • Built-in flash

  • 15 sequential photos taken over 5 second event

device functions

  • LED status lights

  • On/Off switch

  • Micro SD Card memory

  • USB port

larry attaches

  • Velcro strap

  • Adjustable suction cup mount

  • Optional accessories: Bar Mount and Flex Mount

What’s included

  • 2300 mAh Lithium Polymer battery with overcharge and thermal protection
  • SD card slot and included SD card
  • 2 Megapixel 160° wide angle lens with low light activated flash
  • 5v 1Ah Charger adapter
  • 30mm MicroUSB to USB cable
  • stainless steel cable lock
  • velcro strap and adjustable suction cup mount
  • cloth carry bag


Weather resistant

larry contains special mesh materials inside the enclosure to protect the speaker and siren ports from the elements – do not puncture the mesh. The rubber dust cover will protect the main controls; however, larry is not waterproof.

WiFi connection

Larry is equipped with the latest in embedded WiFi technology with the connection range boosted by a special antenna. The actual connection distance between larry and your smartphone will depend on the operating conditions. If you are out of range of connection, no worries, larry will continue to function independently and will provide updates when you are back in WiFi connection range.

3D motion sensing

Larry incorporates exclusive motion sensing technology to allow the user to select 3 protection areas depending on the size of the area to watch:

  • Small area is 3 ft x 6 ft (the area of a couple bicycles or motorcycle)
  • Medium area is 6 ft x 9 ft (the size of a typical truck bed, or car interior)
  • Large area is 15 ft x 20 ft (typical area in front of an RV, camp site, or picnic area)

These zones are approximate sizes and can vary depending on the operating conditions. The radar is able to “see” through most materials, except metal. When something triggers the alarm inside the selected protection area, an alert will be sent automatically to your smartphone.

Camera operation

Larry utilizes a high speed 2 megapixel, wide angle camera in burst mode to capture 15 images of anything triggering detection inside the selected 3D radar area. In low light conditions a steady flash will illuminate the area for low light photos. The captured images will be stored on larry’s SD card and also transferred automatically to the photo storage on your smartphone.

Speaker operation

Larry contains a mono speaker that allows you to speak into your smartphone and stream your message through larry immediately. Great to shoo away any unwanted things around your stuff, or to greet someone who has arrived.

Siren operation

The incorporated siren can be turned on/off from the larry app settings.

Positioning larry

Place larry facing the direction of the area you wish to protect with the camera lens unobstructed. You can place the sensor portion behind most materials except metal, but it works best in free air. The protection area starts immediately from the larry device projecting a 3D radar virtual boundary according to your selected size.

Larry can be placed anywhere

Velcro strap included to hold larry to any pole, handle bar, tree etc. Adjustable suction cup mount allows you to position larry to nearly any smooth flat surface.

Secure larry

Thread the flexible cable lock into the metal insert located on the side of larry to secure your device.