larry creates
an invisible protective shield
around your stuff



you select an area for larry to watch






So have peace of mind!

larry will keep an eye on your stuff

when you are working


and when you are resting!

larry’s Applications

What is it?

  1. larry is on-the-go smart wireless security alert
  2. sized to fit in your pocket, as portable as your cell phone
  3. built with a weather-resistant housing to withstand rugged environments
  4. paired with downloadable smartphone app available on Google Play and App Store
  5. larry attaches using suction cup mount and secure Velcro strap tie-down

What does it do?

  1. once activated, it creates an invisible shield around your toys, tools, or equipment
  2. when the shield is broken by a person or object, the alarm-mode is triggered
  3. alert is 15 sequential photos taken to show triggering event in action
  4. shout out directly over the voice speaker with a stern warning or a happy greeting

Extra Features

  1. take manual photos to check on the area near your stuff
  2. friendly door bell, with siren in off mode, larry acts as a photo doorbell you conveniently monitor through your smartphone app
  3. record of alarm is stored with date/time stamped photos on device and photo library
  4. lost connection warning with last set alarm alert saved for viewing when connection restored
  5. wire loop securely attached to enclosure for your convenience if choosing to lock larry down