Security Alert

larry watches your stuff when your back is turned…

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larry-on-the-go-alert-system-1st-section-peace-of-mind protect your stuff

larry sounds an alarm when the shield is broken

Protect your stuff!

larry creates an invisible shield

larry-on-the-go-alert-system-1st-section2 portable security alert

Pair to your smartphone

larry uses advanced long range wireless technology

Take it everywhere you go!


Select an area for larry to watch

Small (scooter)

Medium (truck bed)

Large (RV or campsite)

larry accurately watches your stuff even in crowded areas!

alert • check • respond


What is it?

larry is an ‘on-the-go’
electronic alert device connected
to your smartphone

What does it do?

larry will sound an alarm
and show you what is happening
so you can respond

How does it work?

larry creates a protective
shield using special
ranged radar technology

Key Features

Do you always have your fingers crossed leaving your bike or surfboard unattended? Wish you could announce “stay there, I’m right around the corner!” ? Need to leave your service/repair truck full of construction equipment parked in the street? Maybe you simply tire of getting up every time to check why the dog is barking?

Finally a solution! larry was created to go with you and watch your stuff while your back is turned.

  • 3 Selectable Areas

    Select an area for larry to watch – Small (scooter), Medium (truck bed) or Large (campsite). larry uses ranged radar technology to prevent false alarms.

  • Long Range

    A portable security device connected to your smartphone via long range wireless technology

  • Built-in camera

    larry features a built-in camera with flash that, in case of an alert, takes photos and sends them over to your phone. You can also check on your belongings remotely taking photos of the area.

  • Siren and Speaker

    larry features a shrieking siren in alarm deterrence mode and a voice speaker to talk through

  • Google Play & App Store

    App available on Google Play & App Store for easy set-up, receiving alerts and creating photo history with your smartphone or tablet

  • Attach anywhere

    larry attaches using suction cup mount or secure Velcro strap tie-down

  • Battery

    Features a rechargeable lithium battery allowing 8 hours continuous use in alarm set mode and an indicator showing you the level of battery power and connectivity

  • Take it everywhere!

    Rugged weather resistant housing able to survive a host of environmental conditions

portable security alert larry-on-the-go-alert-system-2nd-section-new-1200

larry will watch your camp

go visit your friends!


larry will watch your truck

you can check it on your phone


Have peace of mind!

we’ll keep an eye on your stuff